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Walton County Youth Development, a division of The Partnership for Families, Children and Youth, is dedicated to the idea that youth are not the problem– they are the solution. We utilize the expertise of youth in determining solutions to our county’s complex youth issues, allowing their voice to shape the very programs and initiatives that serve them. We also strongly rely on community partners in the development of strategies and initiatives that promote a healthy future for youth in Walton County.

The purpose of “Walton Youth Can” is to provide information about teen-related issues and resources, as well as offer opportunities for youth, their family and the community at large to get involved and become part of the solution. Take a few minutes to look around, get informed, get involved and help shape the future of Walton County one voice at a time.


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Using the most up-to-date information and teaching techniques, our presentations are designed to inform students about important topics related to their health and development. We believe that youth must be active participants in their own development which is why each one of our interactive presentations challenge young people to not only learn, but to teach others about healthy life choices.


We believe that every youth should have the opportunity to live a safe and healthy life. For those requiring services to help meet their needs, we offer both direct services such as free counseling, drug and alcohol educational classes, teen parenting classes family communication classes and referral services.

Advocacy and Awareness

We believe that youth voice is not only important in educating other young people– it is absolutely vital. That is why in 2001 we created the Walton County Youth Advocacy Board. This group of teenagers from all over Walton County make their peers aware of healthy teen behaviors through one-on-one conversations, community-wide events and by living a healthy life.
In addition, this group of young people also advocate for teens in Walton County at the local, state and national levels.

Our Sponsors

The Walton County Board Of Commissioners

Walton county Foundation

Advantage Behavioral Health

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Walton County Healthcare Foundation

DON’T FORGET: Check out our “Get Involved” page before you head out and find out how you can help support our teens and community!