Youth Development Staff

Amy Hunnewell

From the time she was in high school, Amy has been very passionate about living and and working in Walton County. As a child, Amy moved up and down the east coast and even overseas for a few years, spending most of her childhood getting to know new people and places with her military family. When her family crash landed in Walton County in middle school, Amy began learning about the rich culture and personalities that made up her small town. It was, however, her involvement in a new club when she was in high school that caused her to really fall in love with the area. The club was the Youth Advisory Board and was created in order to give young in Walton County a chance to be heard. Today, the club’s name is the Youth Advocacy Board and Amy has enjoyed the role as an adult leader, watching as many more young people find and use their voice to create change.

Today, Amy serves as the Director of  Youth Development for The Partnership and  continues to learn about and love Walton County and it’s families. She is dedicated to the idea that youth are not the problem– they are the solution and loves to see young people making a difference in the world.

When she’s not volunteering at a community event or playing with her puppies, Amy is most likely contemplating a yoga work out or nerding out to an astronomy podcast.

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DON’T FORGET: Youth Are Not The Problem, They Are The Solution!